Finesse Healthcare Solutions offers a range of both temporary and permanent positions to our workforce within the health and social care sector. We are a specialist healthcare recruitment agency providing agency workforce to the South West of England.

Temporary Cover

Finesse Healthcare has got thousands of temporary healthcare professionals and carers on their data base in UK. Short term positions are essential to the smooth running of organisations.

Finesse Healthcare understands the potential disruptions that can because by failure to fill these positions when needed and has a range of mechanisms in place to guarantee you a regular and consistent supply of reliable workforce.

Block booking is one such mechanism and you can contact our booking team to discuss your requirements.

Permanent Staff

Finesse Healthcare is there to save you time and alleviate the stresses of recruiting to fill your permanent positions. Our dedicated and highly qualified team of recruitment consultants will take on board that hassle, allowing you to concentrate on core business issues of your organisation.

 Fixed-term contracts have become popular recently not only in healthcare organisations but span both public and private industry of today as a solution for staffing that provides flexibility to both the employers and employees. Finesse Healthcare has got a track record for successfully filling such positions both within the NHS & private hospitals, Residential and Nursing Homes. We will work with you to bring the best candidates in the industry right to your door steps.